Robert Allen – Psilocybin Facilitator

Licensed by the Oregon Health Authority

Robert W. Allen

My Experience with Psilocybin

My experience has helped me shape a worldview anchored in compassion and empathy. Drawing on my diverse life experiences, and over 20 years of experience, I embrace the role of facilitator with a grounded presence, exhibiting a calm disposition lacking judgment or preconceptions.

I wholeheartedly believe that everyone deserves and can enjoy a life enriched with compassion, inner peace, and self-understanding. I have successfully guided clients through personal transformation by helping them navigate non-ordinary states of consciousness. I offer one-on-one sessions as well as sessions for couples and small groups. My administration sessions occur mainly in southern Oregon, but I regularly travel to service centers throughout the state of Oregon.


Your journey starts by preparing your mind and relaxing your body so that the heart can open and allow space for personal transformation.

During the preparation session(s) we will explore the mental state you bring to the experience like your thoughts, mood, and expectations. We will also discuss the physical setting for the session along with the dosage, health considerations, food and diet, and a general description of events for the administration day (session). We will discuss transportation requirements and cover any other questions you might have. Every client is highly encouraged to ask questions at any time during the entire process. Comfort and trust are important parts of a successful psilocybin journey process, and together we co-create this experience.

Role of the Facilitator


You have already started your journey by looking here, I am here to help you follow your own path and access your truest nature.

I am a State licensed facilitator with a high moral standard following a strict code of ethics. I understand the complexity of psychedelics and know that every experience is unique to each person. I am here to support you through a wide range of emotions and thoughts, and help you navigate non-ordinary states of consciousness. I also help make sense of the time you spend during your psilocybin experience and to discuss ways of integrating lessons into your daily life. I am committed to the benefits of lasting change and provide follow up care sessions and post treatment conversations.

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